Ultrasound and Acoustics Scientist

  The Hague
  Full time (40 hours per week)

About this job

We are currently looking for an Ultrasound and Acoustics Scientist to join the team in The Hague.

As an Ultrasound and Acoustics Scientist, you are an important element working alongside the team in the projects. You are directly involved in running projects and keen on learning more about the existing and potential customers, being active on multiple applied research and development (R&D) projects to develop solutions for customers in different application domains. Projects diverge in size and nature, from researching the potential of a theoretical concept to building equipment that works in the field, from small projects running several weeks to large international consortium projects running for multiple years.

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Job details

Ultrasound and Acoustics Scientist

Main responsibilities 

The research covers a range of topics, from sonar applications and noise control to ultrasonic systems, measuring e sound, modelling sound to predict how it propagates through solids, water and air, and developing advanced measurement concepts and data processing schemes to extract useful information from measurements.

Besides bringing your knowledge and seniority to the table, you are encouraged to explore projects outside of your comfort zone and also learn with other specialists in the team. The goal is to keep on constantly developing innovative measurement concepts within the different domains. 


  • Expanding new concepts and ideas leading to new projects
  • Developing novel acoustic measurement algorithms and associated signal processing
  • Designing, modelling and experimentally validating novel ultrasonic measurement equipment
  • Contributing to our existing portfolio of R&D projects with your knowledge and experience
  • Promoting the cooperation within the team, coaching and guiding the junior colleagues 


  • Master’s or PhD in the fields of Ultrasound and Acoustics, including Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics, Geophysics, or Biomedical Engineering
  • 10+ years of experience working in the Ultrasound and Acoustics fields and a similar position
  • Proven track record of several years in applied R&D in the field of Ultrasound or Acoustics
  • Experience with the modelling and design of ultrasonic measurement systems
  • Expertise in setting up ultrasonic/acoustic experiments and design of measurement systems
  • Capacity to engage with the customer and end-users’ interests, and understand the practical implications of the technical choices
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Problem-solving and result-driven attitude, and entrepreneurial mindset
  • Fluency, both written and spoken, in English 

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Our story

At S[&]T we contribute to a safer life on earth by translating space data into valuable and actionable insights. We oversee data from instruments to application, and apply our expertise within our software frameworks, information products and consultancy.

Our society relies on space and scientific instruments for climate change monitoring, navigation, defence and national security, and other crucial services we all use in our daily lives. These instruments produce an enormous quantity of complex data, and our goal is to unlock its value.

We have more than 20 years of experience working on instrument calibration, the creation of data quality monitoring tools, the development of real-time data processing frameworks, and the development of application-specific algorithms. With this, we help organisations, governments and industries to strengthen their information position and thereby improve their decision making. We focus on the following domains: Space & Science, Defence & Security, Environment & Sustainability, and High-Tech Consulting.

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