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Matching ambitions to create Space for a Safer Life…

At High-Tech Consulting we convey our strengths within impactful international projects and assist other companies in leveraging their projects within this field. We are aware of the importance of building long-lasting partnerships with like-minded companies—together we can achieve our goals and accomplish our missions. The growth of the High-Tech domain has been considerable and we are keen on supporting it in a sustainable way. Partnering with companies such as TNO, Airbus, Lely Industries, NLR, QuTech, and Nearfield Instruments, we cater to their needs, either in-house or on-site, short-term or long-term.

 Partnering with our team

Our High-Tech Consulting team has been building a considerable network of highly skilled professionals with expertise and experience in diverse fields within the High-Tech domain.  

In-house Solutions

With a considerable presence in the European market, we are growing our internal expertise, working on international projects, and providing services in the fields of Earth Observation, GNSS & Robust Navigation, Scientific Data Processing, Embedded & Control Software, and AI/ML. Our internal know-how and software solutions make us the perfect innovation partner. In-house, you will always have an expert to think alongside you to find the most suitable solution to your requirements. 

Explore the design of the SMATT system case for additional insights into how our Experts can help you.

On-site Solutions

By welcoming a group of experts on-site, multiple companies have had the chance to improve and grow in several fields as well as ensure that their research, services, projects, and products have the necessary attention required to thrive and make a genuine impact on today’s society, such as Quantum, Laser Satellite Communication, Control Software, and Smart Maintenance.

Empowering candidates

As a member of the High-Tech Consulting team, your background, expertise, and passions give you the Power of Choice in building your career surrounded by people who truly care for your happiness and growth at the workplace. We spend a great part of our lives at the workplace and, our mission is to ensure that you make the best out of it. Either embracing our opportunities In-House or On-Site we guarantee that there are no limits to what you can achieve in your career.

In-house Opportunities

Our In-House Opportunities translate into a wide range of Projects in which you can be an impactful participant. Working on our software solutions in the areas of Earth Observation, GNSS & Robust Navigation, Scientific Data Processing, Embedded & Control Software, and AI/ML, you will encounter challenges to whom you are the solution. 

On-site Opportunities

From the bottom of the Oceans to the depths of Space, we have been building partnerships with the best companies and institutes Europe-wide, integrating impactful projects in which you can be the differentiator factor to achieve their goals and overall success. The opportunity of integrating a team On-Site will allow you to grow and expand your network with the best in the industry.  

How do we do it? 

Simple... we match ambitions

Passion is a feeling to be shared, and that is why we match talent with the company's needs, creating the necessary synergy to achieve both ambitions.

Companies often do not need a technician, they need an expert that not only understands but aligns with their mission and vision, and feels the passion as their own.  

Experts are motivated to follow the passion that they nurtured often since a young age. Finding a company that shares it can be a hardship. With the High-Tech Consulting network and knowledge of the field, we make it an enjoyable experience. 

Our clients

Our clients

How can we help?

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