Project Manager for Circular Economy

  Utrecht, Netherlands
  Full time (40 hours per week)

About this job

We are currently looking for a Project Manager for Circular Economy  to join the team in Utrecht.

As a project leader, you will work on complex social issues and ensure the recycling of building materials and plastics runs smoothly. You will focus on projects that deal with the circular economy: how to achieve it, how we can monitor the progress of the transition, how we can accelerate that transition, all this within the Netherlands, Europe and beyond.

The projects are about recycling batteries, plastics, building materials, and solar panels but also about how to design these types of products in such a way that their reuse and reproduction are facilitated. Your role is to find out: How sustainable are these developments? Are the methods we use to determine this still relevant today? And if not, what needs to be innovated methodologically to manage the transition towards the circular economy? This involves a wide range of stakeholders: citizens, companies, the municipality, the Dutch government and sometimes the European Union itself.  

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Job details

Project Manager for Circular Economy

Main responsibilities 

You lead complex projects, communicate about them with stakeholders and manage the various interests and expectations. You manage your team and the ambitions of the team members; passionate scientists where the sky is the limit, but does this also fit in with the feasibility of the project? And sometimes it also works the other way and you have to take a path that the stakeholders do not like, but which is necessary to solve the problem. You complete the projects successfully within budget and on time, ensure that we achieve impact and pave the way for a follow-up: the continuation of the research line and a continuation of assignment flows.

Within the sustainability team, you work in the so-called PMC Cluster Impact Assessment and you participate in project teams that conduct applied research and carry out projects on business models related to realizing circular innovations. You use your systems thinking skills and ability to think out of the box to apply methods that can support and accelerate the transition to a sustainable, circular economy. The focus is on business economics and organizational challenges. You don't mind switching between different sectors and domains, such as plastics or the manufacturing industry.

You usually work on several projects at the same time, in multidisciplinary teams. Within such a varied and sometimes technically oriented environment, you know how to maintain and deploy your socio-economic and systemic perspective.

In addition to working on projects, you also help write project proposals and contribute to expanding the domain of transition management and business models within circular activities.


  • You have at least a university Master's degree in business economics and/or environmentally related field
  • You look and think at a system level, and you understand and pay attention to the business economics and organizational challenges of sustainability transitions, specifically aimed at circularity
  • Experience with sustainable and circular business models (at a conceptual level, and ideally from practice) is an advantage
  • You are a team player who works well in multidisciplinary teams
  • You have experience with qualitative research and an affinity with 'action research', where you (further) develop new methods in projects for and with different types of companies
  • You are good at understanding and translating complex information in a way that suits the audience you are dealing with
  • Managing stakeholder expectations? That will go well for you, even if the necessary resistance is offered. Because you stand firm on your feet
  • You know how to communicate internally and externally
  • With the members of the project team, with business consultants and substantive figureheads
  • With the outside world, with various media that sometimes put the heat on you. It gives you energy and you know exactly how best to approach something like this
  • You have excellent oral and written skills in both Dutch and English

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