Digital Forensic Researcher - Invasive Hardware

  Full time (40 hours per week)

At S[&]T, we specialize in R&D solutions in the domains of High-Tech Industry, Defense & Security, Space & Science, and Environment & Sustainability. We live and breathe innovation and are one of the few partners that collaborate with High-Tech organizations in optimizing performance through projects on-site or internally at S[&]T.

We are currently looking for a Digital Forensic Researcher - Invasive Hardware to join the team in Delft.

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Your Role

 As a Digital Forensic Researcher, you will be responsible for developing and applying methods to analyze (reverse engineer) integrated circuits, repair them and modify them at the transistor level so that they can either be read once again, or divulge their secure information. You integrate a multidisciplinary team composed by colleagues with expertise in reverse engineering, engineering, cryptography, data analysis, silicon analysis and silicon editing. At the beginning, you will prepare the samples for them and assisting when the team is conducting their research, facilitating their discoveries.   

To execute your tasks, you have access to a state-of-the-art failure-analysis laboratory (X-ray, RIE, Micro-Mill, Dual-Beam), having an influence when it comes to its maintenance and innovation. When working on the laboratory, your focus is to extract and interpret information from embedded systems with hardware-assisted cryptography. 

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Your Profile

  Degree in Electrical Engineering or similar         field

Preferable knowledge or experience with              (HF) Electronics, IC Design, Embedded         Systems or Robotics

Experience with Electronic Hardware Reverse         Engineering

Experience with IC technology and integrated         components, and if you comprehend         Hardware Security and Root of Trust Circuits,         this will be a plus

Experience with Silicon (Failure) Analysis and         knowledge of the required equipment for it         (X-ray, RIE and FEG-SEM)

Low-level knowledge of Embedded Systems         (Hardware and Firmware)

Affinity with Small-Scale Chemical         Experiments (Etching), Hardware         Development (FPGAs and PCB         development), and Software Development         (VHDL, C, and/or Python)

Capacity to use equipment and               methodologies, being able to show creativity         when working with them

Interest in the fields of Integrated Circuits,         Signal Analysis, Cryptography, Electronic         Security, Physics, and/or Chemistry

Ability to work independently on your         research assignments, as well as taking         initiative, and cooperate with your colleagues

Fluency in Dutch (MANDATORY)

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Would you like to hear more? Send your CV and motivational letter to, or apply directly through our website! Kindly note that acquisition from third parties (e.g. agencies) based on this vacancy is not welcome.

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Response time, expectations

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