A collaboration between the S[&]T family, Ellipsis Drive, BGC Engineering and Hatfield, in Canada

CAMEO, which stands for "Corridor and Asset Monitoring using Earth Observation", is a collaboration between the S[&]T family, Ellipsis Drive, as well as two Canadian partners. The project is part of the European Space Agency - ESA “Expand Demand” initiatives. 

During this project, the participants are going to address short term and long-term risks and threats to pipeline and electricity cable infrastructure, integrating Satellite Data (Earth Observation derived information) with:
- environmental data, 
- situational data, 
- maintenance data, 
- and relevant datasets from local and regional authorities.

In other words: it’s a very exciting application that calls on the skills of all the participants. The project involves a large part of the Science [&] Technology family: it is led by S[&]T Norway, and S[&]T NL; Orbital Eye and Sensar contribute too, as well as BGC Engineering and Hatfield from Canada. This particular consortium already presented some fascinating scheduling twists: either the Canadians have to get up really early for meetings, or the Europeans have to stay up very late. But the teams have found a compromise: meetings around 17:00 European time are equally annoying for everyone!

Seriously, though: CAMEO aims to help companies and agencies that manage pipeline and energy transmission corridors, better understand and integrate satellite Earth Observation services. 

CAMEO’s goal... 

...will be achieved by demonstrating the benefits of the Earth Observation-based services in collaboration with asset managers and in-sector providers that do not traditionally use satellite data services. 

Showcasing the value of Earth Observation (EO) data happens by executing user-driven demonstration projects where EO-data is combined with traditional on-ground data and cutting-edge data processing and analytics techniques, enabling improved monitoring insights.

These demonstration projects cover a diversity of environments in which the stakeholders operate, with three broad categories of services:
- Structural integrity, e.g. surface deformation, leak occurrence
- Environmental and geo-hazards, e.g. flooding, wildfire, landslides, vegetation change
- Threat assessment, e.g. third-party interference, encroachment

To achieve their goal, the CAMEO consortium has developed a virtual platform, where distributed sources of EO and non-EO data are integrated regardless of which supplier generated the data. 

Successful collaborations in this field start with good relationships and good data management. So in order to build this platform, the CAMEO consortium uses the technology developed by Ellipsis Drive (conveniently also named ‘Ellipsis Drive’), which allows for easy, simultaneous collaboration on spatial data of any kind and its integration into any workflow or app; in this case the CAMEO virtual platform

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The CAMEO platform is available via