Optical Engineer

Den Haag, Netherlands

At S[&]T we are specialized in R&D solutions for space, science, and defence. We live and breathe innovation, and are one of the few partners that work together with High Tech organizations in optimizing performance through projects on-site or in-house at S[&]T.  

We are currently looking for an Optical Engineer together with our partner who is active in the space and R&D industry. 

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                                                              What will you do?

                                                              As an optical engineer you will be involved in the entire process of making optical systems. This starts with preparing advice for the customer about the feasibility of the optical system. Insight into the optical quality that can be achieved, the stability, the alignment and the testing are all important in this assessment. Then, together with the team, you will develop a plan for the realization, you will select the required tooling, and then together with the project manager and the Systems Engineer, you will make an estimate for the costs and lead time of the system. During the realization of the hardware, you will check the progress, and take care of the preparations for the assembly, integration and testing of the system. You will then check the performance of the system with the help of advanced measuring techniques, including theodolites, interferometers, spectrometers, cameras and light sources. You will regularly and intensively discuss results, progress, deviations and possible improvements with the team and the project manager.

                                                              Your team

                                                              High-quality optical systems are produced for space, quantum computing, structural health monitoring systems and big science instruments for customers including Airbus, NASA and ESA, for projects such as the Sentinel 5 global air quality monitoring satellite and KM3NET. The realization of these optical systems takes place by means of MAIT (Manufacturing Assembly Integration and Testing) processes using various tools. With a background in physics, you will be an engineer in precision optical techniques within the Optics department. This department consists of a team of 60 colleagues, with whom you will work closely. You will also be in regular contact with optical design, optical manufacturing, calibration and integration specialists within the Optics, and Space Systems Engineering departments.

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                                                              Who are you?

                                                              As an optical engineer you will perform high-end optical tasks. For this you will work a lot with colleagues from different disciplines and with high-end optical test equipment. It is important that the stakeholders are kept up-to-date and that tests are carefully planned and executed. All of this will be your responsibility.

                                                              To be able to perform the role well, it is important that you recognize yourself in the following profile:

                                                              -  You have a background in applied physics and
                                                                 have experience with the tasks described
                                                                 above, experience in optical instrumentation for
                                                                 space applications is an advantage;

                                                              - You can read and understand (optical and
                                                                technical) drawings of designs;

                                                              - You have an affinity with complex optical

                                                              - You are careful in handling optics;

                                                              - You are ambitious and would like to further
                                                                develop your skills in the field of optics;

                                                              - You want to continuously improve the quality of
                                                                your work;

                                                              - You document your work carefully and work in a
                                                                structured way;

                                                              - You like to work together with others to achieve
                                                                the best results;

                                                              - You are eager to learn, result-oriented and
                                                                communicatively strong;

                                                              - You are able to communicate in English (you will
                                                                have many international colleagues).

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