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Delft, Netherlands

At S[&]T we are specialized in R&D solutions for space, science, and defence. We live and breathe innovation, and are one of the few partners that work together with High Tech organizations in optimizing performance through projects on-site or in-house at S[&]T, operating for nearly 20 years in project implementations and product developments where science and technology play an important role, building bridges from technical capabilities through to market-ready solutions.

We are currently looking for an Intern computer Science for our Air Portal team located in Delft, the Netherlands, to work on improvements of our systems. 

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Your role:

AIR-Portal  is an Earth Observation service developed and exploited by S&T. In AIR-Portal, inputs from various external sources (atmospheric models, land-use atlases, meteorological data, sensor data) are combined using data fusion in order to create high-resolution air quality data products such as pollution concentration grids, time series, and various derived metrics.
(Demo site: https://airportal-demo.stcorp.nl)

We are looking for an applied computer science (or otherwise qualified/interested!) student to join the team for an internship of at least four months, with the aim to improve and extend the project's current use of devops methods and technologies, especially with respect to the orchestration of the AIR-Portal backend, the deployment of the AIR-Portal clients, and the operational monitoring of both.

The AIR-Portal system is implemented using a combination of Python (for the backend), TypeScript (for the client) and bash scripts (for the orchestration). In this internship, the student will be responsible for analysing the design of our devops chain, comparing it to current and future requirements, and then suggesting, designing, and implementing improvements to the system that will increase robustness, efficiency, and operator "situational awareness".

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Your Background:

Key technologies and expected/possible tasks are:

  • Containerisation (we make extensive use of Docker);

  • Automated testing (unit/integration/ system tests);

  • Continuous Integration (using Gitlab CI);

  • Continuous/Automated Deployment;

  • Automated periodic reporting (in mail, Slack, etc.);

  • Orchestration (porting shell scripts to Python);

  • Optimisation, verification, and validation of service deployments;

  • Monitoring, dashboarding, and alerting;

  • Development of supporting tools (esp. w.r.t. reporting);

We expect the student to be proactive in their analysis of the system and come up with their own suggestions and ideas. The detailed  specifics of the work to be done will be determined together with the student after the first few weeks of the internship.

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We expect the student to be proactive in their analysis of the system and come up with their own suggestions and ideas. The detailed  specifics of the work to be done will be determined together with the 
student after the first few weeks of the internship.

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Want to hear more?  

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