S[&]T group - and all its moving parts
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S[&]T, Science and Technology - aka “that space company in Delft” is actually a collection of companies by 2021, all with their own specialities in Earth Observation and Data Sciences, all wanting to make Earth a better place to live on.

This is the second part of our company introduction, if you haven't read the first, make sure you do so. We’ll tell you all about us now, so take a seat :-)

The basis of our group is, as it always was: our Projects “piece”. This one is made of teams of Sensing and Control, Data Processing and Data Sciences. These groups all work with Remote Monitoring Services, and/or Robust Navigation Solutions that grew out of the early projects. This is where our in-house projects happen (at the moment mostly from home – and a lucky few at our HQ in Delft). 

The other “leg” that sprouted is what we call “STEP” – your next step in your career, in case you are interested in high-tech positions in the data realms! This TAC-team (talent acquisition consultant) is making sure you and your unique talents and ambitions are matched with the right position for the best high-tech clients we have.
Here we offer consultants of our in-house team to on-site projects as well (short or long-term). You are at the right place if you are a specialist in fields like optics, data science, software engineering and then some! Because we need you for our own projects and for our esteemed clients (have we mentioned already, that we are hiring?) 

Successful remote monitoring proof of concepts made us set-up start-ups. Companies like S[&]T Vision, Orbital EyeSpectral Industries and Sensar, while we also opened two international offices (in Oslo and Rome)

Timeline of significant events at S[&]T - Science and Technology

Some of our daughter companies are still at our HQ in Delft, but we share more than just the location. We have close contact every day, picking each other’s brain, help each other out during challenging projects and even “swap” colleagues sometimes!

S[&]T - Science and Technology Group - startups and locations

There we have it, S[&]T - Science and Technology group in all its glory, with all its parts.

Once more, to summarize:
* Scientific colleagues have the pick of the litter, consulting on the most interesting projects that matches their ambitions in-house or on-site.
* Our clients have access to highly specialized consultants within the Data Science domains, Earth Observation and Remote Monitoring Services - when they need talent.
* And our services like Remote Monitoring, Early Warning and Decision Support help with complex situations, to be safer and more efficient.

Make sure...

That you read our 20-year anniversary re-introduction, check out our in-house project newsour careers' page and contact us if you have any more questions!

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