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...with a long and winding introduction why we do what we do (you can read that here and here), consider our "nutshell":
Earth Observation delivers incredible amounts of data that we can use to make our lives easier, more efficient and safer - here on planet Earth. That is crystal clear, and that is at the core of what we are all about!

S[&]T's Scientific Data Solutions - Satellite data processing, visualisation, cloud, ML, AI

Scientific Data Solutions

Consultancy projects, only the best of them. Data processing and visualisation, cloud, ML, AI are not (only) buzzwords for us!

S[&]T's Remote Monitoring Services - Oribtal Eye, Early Warning and Air Portal

Remote Monitoring Services

Assets, infrastructure, environment - they are all safer via our remote monitoring services.

S[&]T's Talent Acquisition - not just yet another recruitment agency - Roland Hooghiemstra CEO here with a brand new recruit


We are not just "yet another recruitment agency". We proud ourselves on making superb matches between talents and our clients' job positions.

S[&]T's Robust Navigation Solutions - spoofing, jamming, space weather? We are making you free of all of them!

Robust Navigation Solutions

Independent from satellite and free from spoofing, jamming and space weather? Sounds like it's too good to be true?
Not for us, meet STRoNG.

Innovation [&] Partners

Sectors [&] Testimonials

S[&]T Corp in the Space sector: projects like GRATE, DISTURB, AIR PORTAL


The final frontier, brought closer

S[&]T's in the Defence sector: Defence and security information managment


Always on the defense

S[&]T's in the Public sector: informed decisions for municipalities and (local) governments


Provinces, municipalities, goverments

S[&]T in the Life Sciences sector: we are EHDEN certified!


Life sciences for hospitals and medical instances

S[&]T in the industry: we have solutions and innovations based on the data sensing, controlling, processing fields


Machine Learning, AI, applied for efficiency

S[&]T Data Innovation Centre

At the S[&]T Data Innovation Centre, we specialize in the development of sensor data-based decision support applications. These are systems that provide "actionable insights" to users, who have to operate under complex conditions. Our decision support applications also provide the essential technology for smart autonomous systems.

S[&]T Corps strength: the whole process is brought in to cover the journey from Data, through Information to Insight

Choosing us as your partner 

Looking for an experienced partner in your R&D endeavours? We are ready and willing to take on long, challenging projects together. Our flexibility makes us an ideal partner to find a tailored solution via our people, projects and products.

New employee, Kirsten Drost signing contract with CEO Roland Hooghiemstra (smiling on the left)

S[&]T Talent Acquisition (STEP)

S[&]T Experts Pool, short-handed "STEP" is not just yet another recruitment agency. We proud ourselves on making superb matches between your talents and our clients' job positions.  

At S[&]T, relationships always come first, and we treat our employees like we would like to be treated.

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