Technical Systems Administrator - Digital Twin Software Suite

  The Hague
  Full time (40 hours per week)

About this Job

We are currently looking for a Technical Systems Administrator - Digital Twin Software Suite to join the team in The Hague.

You will be integrating an impactful project related to mobility innovation and sustainable urbanization in the Netherlands, which focuses on the construction of digital infrastructures that enable the sharing and use of data. This product enables governments to plan cities' growth more efficiently and keep them livable.

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Job Details

Technical Systems Administrator - Digital Twin Software Suite

Main Responsibilities


As a Technical Systems Administrator, you will guarantee functional IT Management and Quality Control, creating the structure for the development and application process. As per your main responsibilities in the role, they will be divided as follows but not be restricted to:

  • DTAP Environment Management (Development, Test, Acceptance, and Production environments)
  • Application Management and Quality Control (Support the software development lifecycles - Planning, Designing, Testing, Deploying, and Updating the application)
  • IT Infrastructure Management (Servers and Cloud solutions)
  • Repository Management (Setup and manage the repositories)
  • Environment Coordination (Manage the configuration and synchronization of the different environments)
  • Workflow Standardization (Standard workflows to create structure in development and the application process)
  • Licensing (Setup license models)
  • Technical Cooperation (Build relationships between internal and external stakeholders)


  • Bachelor’s Degree in a related field
  • Extensive experience in Software Development and Technical Management roles
  • Experience with hybrid platforms on permiss (VMware), Microsoft Azure Cloud, Kubernetes, and Docker environments, Windows and Linux-based
  • Experience with DTAP environments, Development Tools, Version Control Systems (Git), Code Repositories, Automation with Scripting, Backup Management, and Security
  • Knowledge of Software Testing methodologies and experience with Coordinating Testing activities
  • Extensive knowledge of production environment management, including performance monitoring, backup solutions, and disaster recovery measures
  • Experience working with Scrum
  • Ability to switch between different technologies
  • Capacity to translate requests into solutions and communicate efficiently with users and colleagues
  • Fluency in English, both written and spoken


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