Software and System Engineer Underwater Warfare

  The Hague
  Full time

About this job

We are currently looking for a Software and System Engineer Underwater Warfare to join the team in the Hague.

Use your software to protect our naval vessels from torpedoes and underwater drones? Put your stamp on the development of new sonar applications for the new frigates? Come work as a Software or Systems Engineer in The Hague!

The world has been living in a new geopolitical reality since the invasion of Ukraine and has only become more unpredictable since then. Our society, politics, government, armed forces and knowledge institutions must move quickly. As a knowledge institute in the ecosystem, we actively contribute to the accelerated strengthening of the possibilities for autonomy & sovereignty in a national and European context.

Within the Acoustics and Underwater Warfare Division, the focus lays primarily on working for the Navy, in the field of defence against underwater threats. The division has a long track record in research on submarine detection with sonar, with underwater communications, mine warfare and the effect of sound on marine mammals, in short everything to do with sound under water. In addition, various experimental sonar systems are experimented with at sea, and results of the research are used for the development of software used on board the ships of the Navy.

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Job details

Software and System Engineer Underwater Warfare 

Main responsibilities 

As a software or systems engineer in the department, you will join a well-motivated sonar research and software team. With the whole team you will work on the development of sonar applications for use aboard naval vessels. Your task is to help translate the results from the research into C++ software applications for use on board existing and new frigates. You will contribute to the continuous modernization of capabilities of the fleet. You will work together with software engineers of the Navy and think along with them about training and evaluation. This is how you bring the systems of the future a step closer.

Stringent quality requirements apply to software applications used on board. The software must be developed at TRL-8 (Technology Readiness Level 8). This means, among other things, that the software is under strict configuration management and must be tested continuously and extensively. Because testing is expensive and time-consuming, it also implies that modifications to the software do occur only after internal discussions and reviews within the team. Furthermore, the software must be maintainable for the long term (> 10 years), which means, among other things, that the documentation must be in such good order that your colleagues will still understand it in 10 years.


You want to use your knowledge for social impact. As a software and/or systems engineer, you are an expert when it comes to designing and building software applications and everything that comes with it. You will have to be able to fulfill more than one of the following roles: Software Engineer, Systems Engineer, Software Architect or Software Consultant. We are not looking for the sheep with five legs, but you are expected to be broadly applicable in the multiple phases of the life cycle of a software product.

  • You can follow the discussions of scientific specialists about signal processing sufficiently to then build a robust application that can run real-time.
  • You can follow the discussions of operational users about sonar deployment sufficiently to build a workable application.
  • You know your way around and are able to balance a systematic approach with a pragmatic one.

As a software and/or systems engineer, you bring the following capabilities:

  • A completed university master's degree in an applied STEM field, e.g. computer science, engineering mathematics, physics, artificial intelligence, astronomy, etc.
  • Demonstrated experience with signal processing techniques such as e.g. Fourier analysis and statistical methods.
  • Minimum 3 years of relevant work experience in software and/or systems engineering.
  • Demonstrated experience with C++.
  • Demonstrated experience with configuration management.
  • A strong affinity with software testing techniques.
  • A structured working method: you ensure that your code is easy to understand for others and keep documentation in order. This makes our software maintainable and extensible.
  • Fluency, both written and spoken, in English. 

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