Senior Quantum Systems Engineer

  Delft, Netherlands
  Full time (40 hours per week)

About this job

At S[&]T we specialize in R&D solutions in the domains of High-Tech Industry, Defense & Security, Space & Science, and Environment & Sustainability. We live and breathe innovation, and are one of the few partners that collaborate with High-Tech organizations in optimizing performance through projects on-site or internally at S[&]T.

We are currently looking for a Senior Quantum Systems Engineer  to join the team in Delft.

You will be working in the Quantum Technology department of projects we perform directly for clients or in close collaboration with universities and research centers for quantum computing and quantum internet. We address scientific challenges as well as engineering issues in a joint center of know-how with industrial partners. Our mission is to apply scientific knowledge and technology into higher TRL (Technology Readiness Level) applications, designing and building systems that leverage on quantum properties. Depending on the qubit technology and the applications, these systems could consist of optical setups (for example based on color centers) or electronic systems (e.g. computing stacks). 

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Job details

Senior Quantum Systems Engineer

Main responsibilities 

You will be working toward designing and prototyping these systems, focusing on application toward quantum computing and bridging the gap between university research and commercial applications. You will use your Systems Engineering skills to perform project and system breakdown, estimating and scheduling engineering costs and planning. You will be considered at the main technical point of contact for the system being developed and will also take a proactive role in shaping the technological roadmap toward quantum computing. In that context, you will take a leading role and be our ambassador in the larger Dutch and European ecosystems to give shape to global developments. You will not be on your own. You will work with a team of content experts such as Scientists and System Engineers.


  • 10+ years of experience as a high-tech physics Systems Engineer, preferably in (semi) academic research or industry settings
  • Experience in the development of high-tech systems, preferably but not exclusively related to quantum communication hardware
  • Degree in Physics, Mathematics or Engineering, with an emphasis on quantum research considered a plus
  • You are responsible with accurate and organized way of working
  • You’re result-driven, enthusiastic, flexible in your way of thinking with good interpersonal skills and the ability to work productively in a team

It’s a plus if you have…

  • Demonstrable relevant network
  • Experience with IP generation and retention and setting-up new collaborations or startup companies is considered a plus

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Our story

At S[&]T we contribute to a safer life on earth by translating space data into valuable and actionable insights. We oversee data from instruments to application, and apply our expertise within our software frameworks, information products and consultancy.

Our society relies on space and scientific instruments for climate change monitoring, navigation, defence and national security, and other crucial services we all use in our daily lives. These instruments produce an enormous quantity of complex data, and our goal is to unlock its value.

We have more than 20 years of experience working on instrument calibration, the creation of data quality monitoring tools, the development of real-time data processing frameworks, and the development of application-specific algorithms. With this, we help organisations, governments and industries to strengthen their information position and thereby improve their decision making. We focus on the following domains: Space & Science, Defence & Security, Environment & Sustainability, and High-Tech Consulting.

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