Senior Project Manager Climate & Air Quality

  Full time (40 hours per week)

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We are currently looking for a Senior Project Manager Climate & Air Quality to join the team in Utrecht.

You play a pivotal role in managing projects focused on mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, averting air pollution, and conserving biodiversity. Your responsibilities include collaborating with expert teams specializing in emissions registration, atmospheric chemistry modeling, and the utilization of satellite data within the Air Quality & Emissions Research domain. The department's scope is broad, encompassing tasks such as estimating and determining emissions across different countries and continents. Your role involves translating this data into insights about air quality and deposition through the application of models, as well as contributing to the development and evaluation of policy scenarios. This dynamic work requires adept handling of information from official emissions records, engagement with relevant stakeholders, and incorporation of data from various models and emerging sources, such as satellite data.

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Senior Project Manager Climate & Air Quality 

Main responsibilities 

In your role as a Senior Project Manager, you oversee teams comprising diverse experts, leveraging your relevant background to drive efficient operations. Your primary responsibility is guiding each project in the correct direction while fostering encouragement and support for team members. Under your leadership, projects are consistently brought to successful completion. You diligently ensure adherence to contract agreements and budgets, prioritizing customer satisfaction, even if the outcome deviates from the initially envisioned solution. The position offers considerable autonomy, allowing you to work in a manner that aligns with your preferences. Additionally, there's ample opportunity for collaboration and experience-sharing with fellow project managers.

On average, the project managers at this organization engage in five to ten simultaneous projects or programs, offering a diverse and dynamic workload. The projects vary significantly in size, ranging from small, monodisciplinary endeavors to expansive multidisciplinary initiatives that extend beyond your team or department. Additionally, there are opportunities to be part of prestigious projects, collaborating with other research institutions within international consortia. In essence, this role provides ample room for your professional growth as a project manager.

The department primarily engages in projects spanning the domains of Emission Registrations, Chemical Transport Modeling of air pollutants, and Emission data assimilation based on Earth observations from space. Upcoming research endeavors for the next few years will delve into areas such as ultrafine particle emissions and dispersion, greenhouse gas emissions estimates from satellites, high-performance air quality modeling, and nitrogen deposition. Through commitment to research, knowledge development, and advisory roles, we contribute to the creation of high-quality data and innovative solutions. This collective effort aims to combat climate change, enhance air quality, and promote biodiversity and human health. Regardless of the specific project you undertake, working in the field of emissions and air quality at our organization promises a dynamic, innovative, and impactful experience.


As a dedicated organizer and motivator, you thrive on the challenge of initiating and successfully concluding projects alongside your team. Fluent in the language of technical professionals, you also possess the ability to communicate effectively with customers. Presenting research results is a skill you excel in, and your well-rounded knowledge extends to current social issues like the nitrogen crisis, the repercussions of climate change, and the influence of air pollutant emissions on public health. Your proficiency in navigating administrative systems ensures efficient project monitoring.

·       Master's or doctorate in environmental/earth science, physics, chemistry, mathematics, or data science.

·       Minimum three years of experience in a knowledge-driven environment, with a focus on project management.

·       Experience in research within the public sector and government institutions.

·       Proficiency in both German and English (spoken and written); Dutch proficiency is advantageous.

·       Preferred possession of a relevant (inter)national network in emissions, climate, or air quality.

·       Preferably IPMA certified; certification can be obtained from us if not already possessed.

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At S[&]T we contribute to a safer life on earth by translating space data into valuable and actionable insights. We oversee data from instruments to application, and apply our expertise within our software frameworks, information products and consultancy.

Our society relies on space and scientific instruments for climate change monitoring, navigation, defence and national security, and other crucial services we all use in our daily lives. These instruments produce an enormous quantity of complex data, and our goal is to unlock its value.

We have more than 20 years of experience working on instrument calibration, the creation of data quality monitoring tools, the development of real-time data processing frameworks, and the development of application-specific algorithms. With this, we help organisations, governments and industries to strengthen their information position and thereby improve their decision making. We focus on the following domains: Space & Science, Defence & Security, Environment & Sustainability, and High-Tech Consulting.

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