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Jobs - internal projects and on-site @ clients

We have 2 types of jobs open at all times: 
- The internal ones at our HQ in Delft, where you can work on our projects
- And external jobs, that can be temporary or long-term, but they are all project based, and on-site at our clients like Nearfield and ESA. You are of course always invited to our S[&]T shindigs!
Last but not least, we have a fun support team, that needs someone to be the next big thing at times... well, just check our list here below and follow us on LinkedIn to keep up to date!

S[&]T Careers

For the most recent S[&]T positions see our categories here below, and choose! 

You can always send an open application to see what we can match you with. 

We have great opportunities for you in the following career lines:

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We are always looking for hands-on experimental physicists with experience designing, building and testing high-tech systems in R&D environments. Our Systems Engineering roles range from spaceflight to semicon, but are always on the cutting edge!

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Software is at the core of all our systems, whether you have experience in C++ or Java, we'd love to hear from you. If you have a background in engineering, please get in touch so that we can see if there's a good match for you!

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High-Tech Industry

Ensuring that one-off technology will work is key to spaceflight, and we regularly have openings in this sector - do you have a technical background? If so, we'd love to get in touch!

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Defence and security is a must in our lives, so we are always looking for specialists with experience designing, building and testing secure systems.

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Business [&] Project management 

We need leaders to coordinate our effort, help us through difficult times when we are stuck and someone to celeb rate milestones when reached.

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Do you dream to reach the space and beyond? So do we! Space inspires and evolves high tech, from engineering to material sciences, from physics to chemistry – the pursuit of knowledge has immensely broadened our scientific knowledge. Join us today to build the future of tomorrow!