How we work

Human engineering

We understand that engineers are people first, and we place importance and focus on ensuring that the whole picture makes sense for our colleagues and partners.

From stopping by with treats and team spirit during complicated delivery campaigns to being flexible for team members who need help accommodating personal situations, we know that having a motivated, focused team matters.

Allowing those who work for and with us to be human is part of what we believe gives us an ability to achieve the most together.

One of the Easter Games teams, in front of the S[&]T building, in the mood for winning

Diversity [&] Inclusivity

At S[&]T you'll feel home and find the same chances and opportunities offered for everyone, regardless of their sex, origins, nationality, cultural background or what hat are they (not) wearing.

The focus is on balance between female and male colleagues, and that goes for origins and cultural background too. Our program "Women in Space" helped a number of female specialists to find a new challenge in S[&]T self or externally. The follow-up "TechWomen 2021" just started in June 2021. This program connects and supports the next generation of female leaders in (data)science, technology, technique and science. It'll help them go further in their careers, go after their dreams and become role models for women and girls in our society.

We are working on our numbers: 37% of all colleagues are female (that's 60% in the Management Team!), while we work with 17 different nationalities at the moment.

Support [&] Teamwork

S[&]T’s Talent Development is focusing on active knowledge, skill development and knowledge sharing between colleagues. We use initiatives like the S[&]T Academy, the regular Show [&] Tells, Young S[&]T, individual education plans and online trainings. 

Next to personal development, we build personal relationships with our "STEP"-pers, our consultants who work on-site at our clients. There are a number of events that are organized during the year to keep our affairs personal, and include everyone who works at S[&]T, like:
* Bingo for newcomers
* Easter games
* Beach party / BBQ
* Friday afternoon "borrel"
* Christmas street
* Company trip to somewhere sunny every year 
... and many more (ad-hoc, surprise) events!
Photo impression of Young S[&]T with a pizza and a beer, during their online meeting

S[&]T - typically 

We love finding inventive ways to meet the social and technical needs of our team. Whether spontaneous or planned, we enjoy creating a comfortable atmosphere where our employees can thrive. Here are a few examples of things we do together!

Looking for a way to connect with us? Check out our upcoming events on our LinkedIn page, and see if there is one that might fit your schedule.

If you've ever been to S[&]T, it has probably involved "taart". While we always joke about the sugar rush involved, we do genuinely enjoy celebrating the small things with each other - as well as the big wins too!

While we love to travel far and wide, we also love our bikes. We use them every day, the Dutch way! It may rain or shine, our bike shed is always full. What we do every day matters, so we are walking our talk about a better Earth (sometimes literally, but more often than not we take the biking route).

We realize that moving around is important, especially because most of us sits for the most part of their workday. That's why we have a friendly competition going on with the "Ommetje" app (20-minutes walk every day for all), and there are sport events organized multiple times a year.

We understand how much one can miss friends and family after a while, so we give the opportunity for our expat colleauges to work from their motherland, remotely for a certain period of time a year (depending on the possibilities).

It might sound silly, but food really matters at S[&]T. It's a part of our famous hospitality. We make sure that our coffee bars are always stocked, that there is pizza for evening events, guests are welcomed at lunch,  and we always have fresh fruit in the office up for grabs!

This is not about manure, but about one of the most fun aspects of working with the S[&]T team! And that is the amount and versatility of ideas exchanged when we get together. Whether it's an employee taking his skills back home to El Salvador, or an idea to turn a graduation project into a spin-off, everything is possible, and it is all on the table with S[&]T!

S[&]T'ers love being at the cutting edge of R&D, and we also love sharing our knowledge. Sometimes we see that a certain topic could use some in depth analysis, or that partners could use some tips and tricks, we enjoy hosting workshops. Built to answer specific needs, we pride ourselves on bringing R&D to those around us in creative ways.

While we also help out with trainings, online courses and other ways to build employee performance, one key aspect that we always consider on a one-on-one basis is coaching. When one of our team members needs a coach, we try to be involved along the way so that we can help provide the best support possible.

We like to make sure that both our internal teams and external partners have a chance to learn a bit about our latest projects. Show [&] Tells are informal events that we host on a semi-regular basis, to invite either internal or external groups to exchange knowledge, usually over a "biertje".

Our Happiness program might not be unique, but the one who runs it is: Carina, our founder mother (of all the founders). Her and her helpful team organizes multiple returning and ad-hoc events during any given year. All are invited, and it always includes great food, treats and (possibly) games. 

Take the R&D journey

...with an experienced perspective.

Research and development projects are long-term investments, involving stringent requirements, formal interfaces, highly impactful project phases, and short-notice team scaling. 

At S[&]T, we take on these challenges by being relationship-driven. We think not only about the first steps toward partnership, but the long-term mutual win. We offer flexible support R&D via project, personnel and product solutions. Our open communication style and informal atmosphere ensures that we are a dependable partner through thick and thin. 

Signing on a contract for the full R&D experience with DISTURB at the table
Group photo of the S[&]T yearly company trip (this time) in Mallorca - 2019

Career minded?

At S[&]T, relationships always come first, and we treat our employees like we would like to be treated. Smart people need flexibility, challenging projects, open communication and a motivating career path.

If you would like to choose your own adventure when it comes to building a role that is right for you, we've love to help you make your path both challenging and fun.