Current Issues

Below is an overview of currently known issues for each of the downloadable packages.


Issues about CODA can be found on the CODA GitHub page.


Issues about HARP can be found on the HARP GitHub page.


Missing libffi library for VISAN on Linux

The binary installation of VISAN for Linux currently misses a specific libffi library.

As a temporary workaround you can download this file here: Put this file into the lib directory of your VISAN installation and make sure the permissions are set properly (e.g. chmod 755

This issue will be solved in a next release of VISAN.

Scientific Tutorial

BEAT-II examples not working

Some BEAT-II examples, such as the one showing GOME O3 maps from TEMIS data will not work with the latest version of VISAN. This is due to recent changes that were made in CODA and the addition of HARP to VISAN.

Since BEAT-II will be phased out, the tutorials will not be updated for BEAT-II. Instead, once HARP has reached a 1.0 status, we will provide tutorials that showcase the use of HARP.