Download BEAT packages

Which package(s) do I need?

Depending on the tasks you want to perform you may need to download one or more of the packages that are listed below.

If you don't have access to a scientific analysis application such as IDL or MATLAB and want to perform operations on ingested data or if you want to make use of the specialised visualisation capabilities of VISAN, then you should download the VISAN package. This package includes both the CODA and HARP functionality required to perform data ingestion from within VISAN. VISAN also includes a product browser that allows you to interactively inspect the contents of any product file that is supported by BEAT (including HDF, netCDF, and XML files). VISAN is available for Windows (7 and higher), Linux, and macOS (10.8 and higher).

If you want to ingest atmospheric data from anything other than VISAN (IDL, MATLAB, Python, or your own C/Fortran programs) then you should use either CODA or HARP.

Use CODA if you want to get access to all information in a product or if you are interested in a generic reading tool for HDF4/HDF5/netCDF/CDF/GRIB data.

Use HARP if you are just interested in the main parameters of a data product or if you want to compare data from different instruments/models with each other.


You can download/install CODA from the CODA website or from GitHub. Depending on which product you want to access you might also have to download and install the associated CODA format definition (codadef) files:

In addition, the GitHub site also contains codadef files for various non-atmospheric products.

CODA is also available as an Anaconda package from the Anacounda Cloud website.


If you want to use HARP then you should download the HARP package. You can download/install this from GitHub.

Note that if you use the source package of HARP then you will also need to install the source package of CODA first. Only the binary windows installer of HARP already has the necessary CODA dependencies included.

Both the source and binary packages of HARP already contain the necessary codadef files for all products that are supported by HARP.

HARP is also available as an Anaconda package from the Anacounda Cloud website.


To install VISAN, just download the binary package for your platform and follow the instructions from the INSTALL file. There are binary packages for Windows (7 and higher), Linux, and macOS (10.8 and higher). Only 64-bit platforms are supported.

VISAN comes with the python interfaces of CODA and HARP included.

We also provide a source package of VISAN. You probably won't need this unless you are a developer and want to extend VISAN or port VISAN to a currently unsupported platform. The source package contains almost everything that is needed to build VISAN on Windows, Linux, or macOS (i.e. it includes source packages for Python, VTK, wxWidgets, etc.).

README VISAN release notes
INSTALL VISAN installation instructions (binary installation)
visan-glnx86-x86_64-3.20.tar.gz90 MBVISAN binary package (Linux 64-bit)
visansetup-win64-3.20.exe45 MBVISAN binary package (Windows 64-bit installer)
visan-macosx-3.20.dmg72 MBVISAN binary package (macOS disk image for Intel 64-bit)
visan-3.20.tar.gz145 MBVISAN source package (All platforms)
(installation instructions are inside the package)

Previous release(s) of VISAN can be downloaded here.